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An Oral Historian’s Journey

An Oral Historian’s Journey

Oral Historian Talk and Q&A
Wednesday 30 January
6pm - 7.30pm

In this talk, Dr Elizabeth Roberts discusses how she became an oral historian, some of the problems that she encountered, and what she learned from her pioneering work across Barrow, Lancaster and Preston.

Dr Roberts will draw on her experiences of gathering the material now contained in the Elizabeth Roberts Working Class Oral History Archive, held at Lancaster University and currently undergoing digitization. It is a rich collection of peoples' experience consisting of 545 tape recordings, questionnaires and transcripts of interviews covering social life across industrial Lancashire.

The Archive has recently been the focus of the 'Walking in Others Footsteps' project with Mirador, and utilised in the production of the short film Give Me Today, Anytime, recent winner of the Arts & Humanities Research Council Inspiration Award (2018).

Tickets to the talk are free but must be pre-booked here on HarrisEventbrite.





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