Battle of Preston 1715 – KS2 Local History Study resources

Free cross-curricular teaching resources including downloadable scheme of work, images and documents for use in the classroom.

The last battle on English soil took place on the streets of Preston in November 1715, between the army of the Hanoverian king, George I, and Jacobite supporters of James III, son of the deposed king James II.

This free resource features a plan for a full scheme of work, film clips, images, and copies of maps and original archive sources to explore the battle in the classroom. The plan suggests pupil activities to help you assess history skills such as source enquiry and chronological development in a cross-curricular way. You can choose the activities which suit your class and time-scales.

These resources draw on the collections of Lancashire Archives and the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, and are funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council.

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Download the Scheme of Work


1761 Map of Lancashire DP212.jpg
Archives map of the battle - DDPR 141-1.jpg
Buck's Prospect of Preston.jpg
Coins timeline.pdf
Jacobite symbols.pdf
DDX2244-1_Cockades - transcript.pdf

Joseph Tomlinson QSP 1094-8.jpg
Joseph Tomlinson QSP 1094-8 - transcript.pdf
Battle of Preston 1715 timeline.pdf
Merse Officer source.pdf
Harris map of the battle - 2014.8.jpg
Roger Muncaster trial - DDX-2244-1 page 11.jpg
Roger Muncaster trial - transcript.pdf
Victorian painting of the surrender.jpg
Gingerbread recipe  transcript.pdf
Gingerbread recipe and notes on making.pdf

The film clips are currently available on our YouTube page and also Vimeo.

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