Chandelier of Lost Earrings

Chandelier of Lost Earrings

Special Display in the Heritage reading Room
From Saturday 3 August
This beautiful artwork was created through a mass participation project and initially stimulated through discussion with staff at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester. Since its inception in 2011, the Chandelier of Lost Earrings by artist Lauren Sagar, in collaboration with Sharon Campbell has connected with thousands of people.

Staff were asked to donate lone earrings, which had formerly been a pair, and had some emotional resonance or significance for the wearer.

Over 3,000 earrings were gifted to the project alongside a few written words about the personal significance of the earrings.

It tells hundreds of stories gifted in the form of a single, cherished earring – its pair having been lost. The individuality of these personal objects has been transcended, and audiences are captured by the depth and sheer beauty of the piece. Once drawn in, the details start to emerge and they become lost in their own imagined stories of each gifted object; stories of human emotion, memory, loss, beauty and love.


Photograph by Geoff Brokate


Lauren Sagar is an MA Fine Art student at the University of Central Lancashire.

Sharon Campbell is based in Manchester, working in both the fields of contemporary visual art and architectural glass design: making sculpture, installation and interventions in gallery spaces and public settings.



In 2014, after having secured Arts Council funding and two national awards the National Lottery Award for Art Projects and the British Women Artists award, it went on tour and has since visited 14 public venues from London to Glasgow.




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