Records of War

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Until January 2019

Discover First World War displays on the stairway, in the community history library and fine art galleries that link with the First World War Armistice.

These works are a poignant record of the sacrifices made on the battlefields of Northern France and at home in Preston.

Prints by Muirhead Bone, Britain's first official war artist, are on display together with photographs taken by Alfred Howarth, Preston's Town Clerk dring the First World War. He took beautifully composed pictures to record the war effort and significant events in Preston, during the conflict.

Fine Art Gallery
Seek out watercolour and charcoal paintings of the Somme battlefields by Edward Handley-Read in the fine art gallery. These paintings are a reminder of the destruction and human suffering caused by the First World War. Handley-Read made many drawings of the Somme battlefields, and in 1916 he became the first artist to exhibit war pictures of the British Front. He was praised for his 'renditions of a country sullen, desolate and untenanted'.

Community History Library
Discover a display of books in the community history library, including two books of Muirhead Bone's war pictures and copies of an illustrated history of the war open on a map of the Somme. 

Images: Delville Wood, looking towards Martinpuich Handley-Read, Edward H (Captn)

Sunshine and Ruin, Albert. Handley-Read, Edward H (Captn)


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And a photograph of The Madonna and Infant Christ which can be seen damaged on a Basilica in one of the paintings. The building became a landmark for many soldiers.



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