Exhibitions 2016

Preston, Our City, Your City

We Are Here Photograph of seagulls

Stairway Exhibition
26 November - 19 February 2017
Friday 25 November: 6.00 - 7.30pm

The daily lives, loves, challenges, and passions of the people of Preston captured on disposable cameras. During May 2016, 200 disposable cameras were given out across the communities of Preston by The Foxton Centre. The use of disposable cameras provided access for groups that ordinarily wouldn't have the means or opportunity to engage in the creative process.

This also democratised the creative process and provided a platform through which a child, a banker and a rough sleeper had an equal opportunity and forum for communication. Over 3000 images were recieved from all parts of the community. These were exhibited, judged, and voted on by the public; with the eventual winner being chosen at the Foxton Festival in August 2016.


The stairway exhibition showcases a selection of the photographs received.


A video installation in the foyer provides an insight into the journeys taken by the participants.


We Are Here is the creative initiative of The Foxton Centre. the aim is to connect people facing challenges in their lives to the wider community through the arts and photography. The Foxton Centre works directly with people with experience of homelessness, rough sleeping, street sex work, alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as Preston's youth population and other people within the community.


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