Exhibitions 2015


Resin cast featured in Relief exhibition

Café Display
3 November - 31 March

This lively exhibition features nine unique resin casts created by adults attending a 10 week “Introduction to Sculpture” project, run by a local group called Free your Mind (Preston).

Free your Mindis a diverse creative-arts based community group who come together to learn new things, to meet new people and to improve self-confidence. These activities contribute to improving mental health and wellbeing through promoting participation in inspiring creative activities.


Working in partnership with the Harris and alongside artist Peter Hodgkinson - the Prestonian who created the city’s famous bronze sculpture of Sir Tom Finney - the group took their inspiration from The Alexander Frieze and The Gates of Paradise. Both of these sculptures are on permanent display on the walls in the Rotunda Café.

Using the sculptural technique of relief – raising the image up from its background - the group tapped into their imaginations and developed these expressive tiles featuring personal stories, interests and comments on the world - giving you an insight into the world of their inner thoughts.

Resin cast featured in Relief exhibition

Once the group were happy with their designs on their hand modelled clay tiles, they had to surrender to the painstaking

casting process and learned to “expect the unexpected”. Flexible pink moulds were made by pouring liquid rubber directly onto their original artwork then a resin was poured into the moulds and allowed to set to form the final casts.


These art works are totally unique and demonstrate what anybody can do with a little encouragement and direction. For those few hours each week, individuals have come together as friends with a common goal, leaving the cares and stresses of their daily lives at the door.

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