Exhibitions 2013

The Soldier's Song

Soldier's Song. Image Gavin Parry

12-20 April
11am-4.30pm each day
Step inside the booth in the Harris cafe and sing a karaoke duet with a soldier.

The Soldier's Song is a quietly provocative installation from theatre company, Quarantine, developed over an 18-month period with currently serving soldiers.

Challenging our preconceptions about soldiers, we’re asked to consider our connection with them. A simple, quietly provocative piece that asks us whether we’re willing to remain an audience...

“This piece is typical of Quarantine’s potent intermixing of theatre and real world contingency. Yes, the idea might be simple, but it also nudges aside ideas about the temperament of soldiers”
The Guardian

Quarantine makes theatre, performance and other public events in the UK and internationally.

Image courtesy of Gavin Parry

The Soldier’s Song
was originally commissioned by Leeds Studio Met with support from Live at LICA, Lancaster

The Soldier's Song is presented and produced by Live at Lica (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts) with funding from Lancashire County Council.


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