Exhibitions 2013

Simon Plum: Down the Garden Path

Simon Plum-Owl and Pig 2012, etching

Stairway exhibition
6 February - 14 April

Simon Plum is an artist, born in Preston and working in the North-West of England, who specializes in painting, drawing and printmaking.
Through an on-going series of narrative-based artworks, personal fables are explored by the artist, with a mixture of quirky perspectives, sardonic humour, and a highly detailed yet subtle drawing style.

He puts great significance on drawing, which he feels underpins his art practice. These can vary from surreal and instinctive sketches in ink to meticulously drawn large-scale landscapes, populated by animals and people.
Visual narratives drift between comedy and tragedy, reality and fantasy, the past and the present. Strange creatures can be seen holding gatherings in tea cups, chasing each other endlessly, or escaping through shadowed doorways – often located on the streets of Preston.
Plum sees the more successful works as surreal and naïve evocations of the past: nostalgic childhood memories inspired by comics and illustrated picture books, merged with the absurd impulses, dark humour and cynicism of age.


Most works for sale – please enquire at the shop.

Artist's website:  http://simonplum.com/

Image: Simon Plum, Owl and Pig, 2012, etching. Image courtesy of the artist.

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