Exhibitions 2011

Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics

Image of Embellished exhibition

Until 23 April 2011

Embellished invited visitors to take a closer look at textile patterns and techniques in our Textile & Costume Gallery exhibition.

From delicately embroidered florals to bold geometric prints, the clothes we wear transform us into living works of art. From Chinese slippers to Horrockses dresses, come and discover a secret world of warps and wefts, stitches and sequins, pigments and dyes.

Some of the museum’s most beautiful textiles patterned by weaving, embroidery and printing were on display. Whether it’s flowers and foliage, spots and stripes, birds and animals or letters and graphics, you could find textile designs to suit all tastes. To add a bit of bling, there was even a section devoted to fabrics embellished in glittering gold.

Many of the exhibits were hidden treasures from the museum stores, which had never been seen before, such as an eighteenth-century gown in the finest Spitalfields silk and a wall-hanging designed by the artist Walter Crane. Exquisite examples of embroidery included pieces from Europe, India, China and Turkey, dating from the 1600s to the modern day.

Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics from Harris Museum on Vimeo

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