Exhibitions 2009

Quiet Revolution

Hayward Touring Curatorial Open

19th September –12th November

Quiet Revolution is an international group exhibition of lo-tech sculptural works that question the ways in which we interact with our surroundings. The featured artists have created poetic, spatial interventions made from familiar and unnoticed materials found all around us.

In an open-ended spirit of experimentation, the works invite the audience to explore how we can transform, and are transformed by, our environment. The exhibition is curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak, winner of the inaugural Hayward Touring Curatorial Open. Artists include David Beattie, Margret H. Blondal, Alice Channer, Matt Calderwood, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Mitzi Pederson and Joelle Tuerlinckx. Quiet Revolution is the inaugural exhibition in the Hayward Touring Curatorial Open programme, this year selected and developed in partnership with Milton Keynes Gallery and the Harris Museum & Art Gallery.


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