Exhibitions 2006

Temporal Landscapes: Artists Working with Photography

Temporal Landscapes

10 Sept - 13 Nov 2005

Temporal Landscapes was an exciting exhibition featuring three artists, Sigune Hamann, Dan Holdsworth and Jane Prophet, all of whom use various forms of photography to engage with the landscape and question reality.


The relationship between the artists and their work is twofold.
Firstly, each artist attempts to capture the impossible – not the traditional 'moment in time' - but the 'passing of' time.

Secondly, when initially encountering the work the viewer easily sees what is superficially in front of them. It is only on closer examination that the viewer begins to question what is seen.

Sigune Hamann created a magnificent site specific installation in response to the casts of ancient friezes at the Harris.
A 43 m long, panoramic 'film strip' of a football game between Preston North End and Derby County was mounted directly on the walls of the gallery giving the viewer the impression that they are joining the game.

Dan Holdsworth's new work recorded the Gregorian telescope in Puerto Rico, a part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence programme which is constantly tracking and searching through space.

Holdsworth's large scale photographs are ambiguous; the long exposures give the impression of a space ship or something more sinister. Holdsworth however is celebrating the search for the beginning of time and other worlds.

Jane Prophet is interested in perceptions of the natural landscape. In Decoy, photographs of gardens designed by Capability Brown were animated by fractally generated tree forms.Model Landscapes comprised of 7 mini LCD screens showing live footage from miniature landscapes displayed on shelves on an adjacent wall.

You can view the web piece by Sigune Hamann, Walk Alone Never Walk Alone website

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