For Young People

Half Term Planetarium Shows

Thursday 21 February
Come and visit us for a fascinating, fun and interactive planetarium show which will take you on a journey through space.

We'll project the entire night sky onto the inside of the planetarium dome and look at the beautiful stars and constellations above us.

Our presenter will explain how to identify certain stars and constellations and also tell some magical stories dating back to to the times of the Ancient Greek mythology.


We'll take a close look at the Moon and discover how important it is to life on Earth and why it appears to change shape. We'll also find out what it is like to live on a spaceship and the experience of being weightless!

Places are limited and we will be giving out tickets on the day. Please come along early and get your tickets from the shop on arrival.

Shows last approx 30 - 40 mins. Seating is soft seating on the floor.

Time? 11.15am and 3.30pm  All Ages
Cost? Free, tickets from the shop on arrival



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