For Young People

Dandelions: Rustic Oracles

16 June – 7 October
Special event.
Join us for the opening event on Saturday 16 June.
Time: 2pm

Cost: Free. Everyone welcome! 

Artist Rebecca Chesney has carefully selected items from our collection to be displayed alongside objects from her Dandelion Archive.  Scattered around the museum, dandelion items crop up in sixteen different locations for you to discover.

With bright yellow flowers and ‘clock’ seedheads the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is easily recognised. Seen by many as a persistent weed, unwanted in lawns and the curse of garden boarders, this familiar perennial plant is usually labelled a common pest.

However, as a symbol of hope in folklore and used for different types of superstitions, divinations and childhood games, the dandelion also enjoys fond associations with wishes, time telling and play.

Pick up your free trail or download the leaflet to find out more. Will you find all sixteen?


Image: Dandelion x 20
Screen print, Rebecca Chesney 2012

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